RIGEL of the Titanic

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One hundred and four years ago this week the storied new luxury liner R.M.S. Titanic sailed into history. The tragedy of its maiden voyage has been told and re-told many times in books old and new and and even as Hollywood dramas like the one from director James Cameron released in 1997. These works had me solidly hooked on the story and eventually, as I learned more of its history and lore, to publish my own book about it for the group of people that I love the most – young children.

Of course, historical facts about a particular event do not generally resonate that well with young readers. So, bearing that in mind, I decided to add a new twist to the historical narrative.
At some point in my reading of the various accounts of the sinking I came across a reference that there was in fact a special accommodation for the pets of the wealthy passengers aboard the ship and that a special attendant was assigned duty to care for them during the voyage.

One of these there was a large black Newfoundland dog named Rigel. It may or may not have actually happened, but there emerged out of the chaos a most engaging legend that tell us that Rigel was instrumental in the saving of a boatload of survivors from being rammed by the rescue ship on that dark moonless and foggy night in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

I immediately knew that I should, not only include Rigel’s story in my book, but actually elevate this dog’s importance by having him act with a human attribute and to actually become the sole voice of the storyteller himself.

The end result is a book of words and pictures that show the dog and his human friends as they actually were. The narrative itself then winds it’s way through a tour of the great ship in all its tragic glory with Rigel speaking the story as it goes along.

It’s my hope that you will find this book a useful gift to give some lucky child (perhaps one of your own?) the opportunity to experience this historical fantasy and to enjoy the journey as so many others have already.

If you do please leave your comments and star recommendations or on the Amazon.com page found here. CLICK TO ORDER THE LEGEND OF RIGEL: HERO OF THE TITANIC.

All the best… always,
Lorna Olitch

April 12, 2016